Leadership requires Compassion

Since the introduction of managers into work, the focus has always been profitability and productivity. As we move past post-industrial era, the work that we are becoming more and more unquantifiable with many of us doing creative work or work that just aren’t by per piece. However, most managers are still stuck with the traditional way of management, leading by the ‘seen effort’ not by heart. They have long been taught to split personal from work and work comes first. However, in the current generation, this is no longer applicable. The demand of employees have changed and the way we look at productivity has also changed.

Previously I spoke about having compassion in the workplace and bereavement leave. Why is it that some companies are unable to embrace that? Changing from a per piece culture to the current creativity era, the way leaders lead has got to change too because we have changed from a effort based work culture to a result oriented focused society. So how does compassion comes into place?

Leadership and compassion aren’t that stranger actually. Compassion is a quality that is required by leaders because of the increasing need to building relationship with the employees. How can companies or managers engage with their employees without compassion? How would the employees feel?

Humans are reciprocal. So compassion is a trait that is very power. Leading by heart wins heart. And the more engaged the employee is, the more motivated is the employee and generally work harder and better. It may not be in relative to the other employees, but this is how we can unleash the full potential of the employee. Employees will only be committed in their job when they feel the company is committed to them. Therefore compassionate leaders inspires their followers, they motivate, energize and generally have higher productivity.